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 Application Sheet

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King Falaz

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PostSubject: Application Sheet   Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:23 am

So, you plan to join our ranks? Become one of us? Well, before you can do that, we need you to apply first! Application is a very easy process: once you are recruited in-game or discover this site, you need to fill out the application sheet and create a new post. Once you fill out the form and answer the questions on the application correctly, a Mod will try to locate you in-game so you can be officially added to the pack/become a fully accepted member.
*Important Notice: The application comes with 5 questions that must be answered. Get more than 2 wrong and your application will be denied. It's strongly recommended that you do not look at older applications for the answers because the questions are randomized every 2 weeks!

FH Username: Please put down the main account you will register with
Alternate Accounts: Put all of your alternate accounts, and how active you are on them
What you would preferred to be called: Preferred to be referred to by your real name? Your user? Let us know.
Character Name: The name of your first character you will be joining with.
Brief Overview on Personality: In less than 200 words, describe what your character is like.
Desired Rank: Please choose the starting rank you would like to choose.
How do we feel about tracing art?:
How high of a tier do you have to be to leave a Settlement without permission?:
How is a litter size and gender ratio determined?:
What ranks are in the Hunter faction?:
How does someone achieve the Outcast rank?:
How Did You Find Out About tBE?: There is no wrong answer to this question. In order to figure out how people discovered our pack, we would like to know how you personally found us, whether it was through art, an ad, a friend's recommendation, let us know!
Roleplay Sample:

Here is an example of a filled out application. I will use Hawthorne as an example:

FH Username: falaz (main account)
Alternate Accounts: Dementian (side account)
What you would preferred to be called: Haley, Hal, or Joel works for me!
Character Name: Hawthrone Falkov
Brief Overview on Personality: Joel is an ambitious and strategic wolf with big ideas. Though sometimes he can seem dominating and protective, he's really doing it for the benefit of his Empire. Described as clever, tactical, and intelligent, Joel feels deeply he is a born leader and is willing to put anything and everything on the line to ensure his dreams become a reality.
Desired Rank: tBB I (Grunt)
And I won't answer the questions because I'm not giving away answers, lol.

Anyways, good luck and thank you for applying! We hope to see you soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Application Sheet   Fri Jun 24, 2016 6:03 pm

FH Username: NoPromises.
Alternate Accounts: None
What would you preferred to be called: Rosa, Ro, Rosalie
Character Name: Rosalie Mackenzie-Parks
Brief overview on Personality: Rosalie is a very playful individual. She loves to chat but she also can bite. Do not pester her, otherwise it'll most likely lead to her losing her temper. She is extreme loyal and affectionate towards her best friend.
Desired Rank: Grunt
How do we feel about tracing art?: Stealing and/or tracing art is prohibited. If you are using a reference image, leave a link with it to the original picture/image.
How high of a tier do you have to be to leave the settlement without permission?: You must be a neutral tier or above to wander out of the settlement. If you are not, you cannot wander without the highest ranking member online.
How is a litter size and gender ratio determined?: A mod determines it. An application is sent and will include if you bought anything any items in the Admin store.
What ranks are in the Hunter faction?: Falconer, Fletcher, and Hound.
How does someone achieve the Outcast rank?: You receive the Outcast title if you break one of the laws, become friendly with an enemy, child of an Omega, or a bastard child.
How did you find out about tBE?: I was with my friend in Cherika valley and we saw the advertisement for it, we were looking for a pack to join so we decided to join!
Roleplay sample: Rosaline slumped over letting her delicate appendages dangle over the edge of the boulder she sat upon. Letting out a exasperated grunt, she tried to get comfortable. The environment was peaceful, the flowing water in front of her, the buzzing bees; it came to her attention that she finally found somewhere she fit into. Along with that, a reliable pack she could count on.

This application has been APPROVED by admin King Falaz on 6/24/2016
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Application Sheet
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