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 Official Rank Information

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PostSubject: Official Rank Information   Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:32 pm

Royalty Ranks (High Tier)
Rank Name: King and Queen (Alphas)
Tag: King/Queen before name
Limit: 2
The King(s) and/or Queen(s) are the highest ranking wolves in the Empire and hold authority under all jurisdiction. The King and Queen do not have to be mated and may have their own personal lives out of the political sphere; there may even be two Kings or two Queens! Overall, they have all final say and must rule with an iron fist and a gentle touch. They must see that all pack responsibilities are being carried out and that everyone in the Empire is content, happy, and healthy.
Notes: Only people who have achieved Moderator positions in the group are allowed this position, both ICly and OOCly!

Rank Name: Duke and Duchess (Betas)
Tag: Duke/Duchess before name
Limit: 2
The Duke(s) and/or Duchess(es) are second in power and are the King and Queen's left hand man/woman. They have become very knowledgeable in their trades and have vastly proven their loyalty to the royalty time and time again to achieve such a rank. In the event the King/Queen is absent, the Duke/Duchess will take control of the Empire and make calls.

Rank Name: Marquis/Marquise (Deltas)
Tag: Marquis/Marquise before name
Limit: 4
The Marquis are the personal advisors to the Dukes, Duchesses, Kings, and Queens. They allow them to gain more input on certain situations and their collective minds put together allow themselves to come up with plans. They are to work together collectively as a team, and are the ones in power when the Dukes/Duchesses and Kings/Queens are absent.

Nobility (Sub-High Tier)

Rank Name: Baron (General/Lead Soldier)
Tag: tBB III
Limit: 3
As seasoned Knights, the Barons are the lead soldiers of the pack. They are expected to lead their Knights and Grunts into battle valiantly, and are directly consorted by the Royalty for military matters. Their faction is the military faction and all Grunts and Knights are under their jurisdiction for training and task assignments.

Rank Name: Sheriff (Head Law Enforcer)
Tag: tBS III
Limit: 3
Sheriffs are the most loyal and law-abiding members of the Black Watch in the Empire. They have proven time and time again that they are responsible and put the safety of the pack before them. They are in the police faction and all Rookies and Black Watchmen are under their jurisdiction for training and task assignments.

Rank Name: Falconer (Lead Hunter)
Tag: tBF III
Limit: 3
Falconers are the stealthiest and most efficient hunters in the Empire. They are the strongest, fastest, and wittiest of all hunters and can bring down the largest of game without even breaking a sweat. They are in the hunter faction and all Fletchers and Hounds are under their jurisdiction for training and task assignments.

Rank Name: Bishop (Lead Scolar/Pack Historian)
Tag: tBI III
Limit: 3
Bishops are the brains of the pack, and are the most knowledgeable of them all. Expected to not only know the lore and information about the Empire, but also other packs, clans, and empires in our world, they are also to be considered ambassadors due to their extensive knowledge. They are in the scholar faction and all Friars and Scribes are under their jurisdiction for training and task assignments.

Rank Name: Gargoyle (Lead Guard)
Limit: tBG III
Limit: 3
Gargoyles are the body guards of the Nobility and Royalty, and are expected to put their lives in order to protect these two tiers. As key protectors of the pack, they will do anything and everything to protect the lifeline of the pack, and puts anyone who tries to harm said lifeline down quickly. They are in the guard faction and all Sentries and Statues are under their jurisdiction for training and task assignments.

Rank Name: Surgeon (Lead Healer)
Tag: tBS III
Limit: 3
Surgeons are the quickest and most efficient healers in the pack. Their knowledge on herbs, illnesses, and wounds extends very far, and know exactly what to do in any kind of situation. They are usually the ones that tend to the most serious and life-threatening of injuries and illnesses, and are expected to treat any ailment quickly and efficiently. They are in the healer faction and all Medics and Herbalists are under their jurisdiction for training and task assignments.

Rank Name: Royal Attendant (Royal Butler/Maid)
Tag: tM III
Limit: For every Royal official there are 2.
Royal Attendants are the only members of the Empire that can make the drastic jump from a Low to Sub-High rank. They are usually the oldest and most loyal of Butlers and Maids, and are there to serve those of the Royal class. Royal attendants are usually assigned to one member of the Royalty and will serve them until their demotion or death. In the event that occurs, they will continue to hold the rank to serve their replacement. These members are in the servant faction.

Vassals (Neutral Tier)

Rank Name: Knight (Soldier)
Tag: tBB II
Limit: Unlimited
Knights are the main defenders and follow the Barons to battle. They have since honed their fighting skills as Grunts and have become the perfect soldiers; ready to defend and fight. They will assist in training the Grunts, and the most experienced will eventually rank up to Baron. Knights are in the military faction.

Rank Name: Black Watchman (Law Enforcer)
Tag: tBS II
Limit: Unlimited
Black Watchmen are the law enforcement in the pack. Under the watchful eyes of Sheriffs, they will sniff out traitors, mongrels, and maintain order among the individuals of the pack. They can use force if needed, so trouble-makers beware, they will get physical. Black Watchmen will help in training Rookies, and the loyalest of them will rank up to Sheriff. They are under the police faction.

Rank: Fletcher (Hunter)
Tag: tBF II
Limit: Unlimited
Fletchers are the strongest at working together in the pack. They are constantly running too and from the territories bring back prey as small as mice and as large as deer, and are trained to be quick and efficient hunters. Fletchers have the opportunity to rank up to Falconer when the time comes and can train Hounds. Fletchers are in the hunter faction.

Rank Name: Friar (Scholar)
Tag: tBI II
Limit: Unlimited
Friars pride themselves on furthering their knowledge and understanding the world. Under the study of Bishops, a Friar will learn everything from the names of plants, animals, Empire law, lore, and other information. If they are deemed intelligent enough, they can rank up to Bishop and are usually seen tutoring the Scribes. Friars are in the scholar faction.

Rank Name: Sentry (Guard)
Tag: tBG II
Limit: Unlimited
Sentries patrol and guard their assigned Settlements, constantly keeping vigilant for any intruding strangers. They are always the ones to approach strangers and newcomers, and are usually assigned to protect members of the nobility in events of emergency. If they desire, they can rank up to Gargoyle and help in training the Statues. Sentries are in the guard faction.

Rank Name: Medic (Healer)
Tag: tBS II
Limit: Unlimited
Medics are those skilled in the art of healing. They are to know all different kinds of herbs and remedies, and are always on the sidelines in battle, pulling those wounded out of the fray to patch them up. They also may heal outsiders in the event of severe illness or injury. Medics may rank up to Surgeons and help train Herbalists. Medics are in the healer faction.

Serfs (Sub-Neutral Tier)

Rank Name: Grunt (Soldier Trainee)
Tag: tBB I
Limit: Unlimited
Grunts are the lowest ranking members of the soldier faction. They will usually be assigned the most strenuous of jobs and used as training dummies. Only until a Grunt has proven their worthiness as soldier can they rank up to a Knight, in which case they too will use other Grunts as chew toys during training.

Rank Name: Rookie (Law Enforcer Trainee)
Tag: tBS I
Limit: Unlimited
Rookies are the lowest rank in the police faction. Due to their inexperience, they will usually not be assigned any cases and will instead shadow Black Watchmen and be used only in the event extreme force is needed. In time, they will eventually be ranked up to Black Watchmen.

Rank Name: Hound (Hunter Trainee)
Tag: tBF I
Limit: Unlimited
The inexperienced Hounds are the lowest rank in the hunter faction. Most of the time they will simply observe hunts or participate in smaller hunts for weaker prey. Once it is shown they are able to work with others as a team, Hounds may be ranked up to Falconers.

Rank Name: Scribe (Scholar Trainee)
Tag: tBI I
Limit: Unlimited
Scribes are fresh new minds in the scholar faction, ready to be molded and filled with new ideas and information. They will first learn the basic of the pack, before branching out into information on other subjects. After many months or even years of training, a Scribe can become a Friar.

Rank Name: Statue (Guard Trainee)
Tag: tBG I
Limit: Unlimited
Statues are the lowest ranks in the guard faction. Most of the time they will be shadowing Sentries and learning how to approach strangers and ensure the pack's safety. Usually they will not approach strangers, but can under the permission of a higher rank which will strictly be monitored. Statues can rank up to Sentries in time

Rank Name: Herbalist (Healer Trainee)
Tag: tBS I
Limit: Unlimited
Herbalists are the lowest ranks in the healer faction and assist the Medics. Herbalists generally do not heal large wounds or dangerous ailments and instead tend to cuts, bruises, and the occasional cough. They are also in charge of gathering and farming herbs, ensuring the pack has enough for winter. An Herbalist may rank up to a Medic in time.

Serfs (Low Tier)

Rank Name: Butler/Maid (Servant)
Tag: tM
Limit: Unlimited
Butlers and Maids are the attendants, nannies, and servants of the pack. They are to tend to all pack members with respect and obey their every whim and need. Butlers and Maids usually are outsiders who are weaker, more meek, and generally would not fit into any of the higher ranks, or the offspring of omegas and other Butlers/Maids. However, Butlers/Maids can be freed from their rank under the recommendation of a Nobility or Royal rank, or they can remain in their rank and work hard to become a Royal Attendant, a servant of the Royalty. They are in the servant faction.

Rank Name: Recruit (Newcomer)
Tag: tR
Limit: Unlimited
Recruits are the newest members of the pack and the most experienced. They cannot leave their assigned Settlement and must wait a total of 3 (IRL) days to achieve their rank after an official ceremony where they swear their loyalty to the Empire and are given their official title. A Recruit has the option to choose any open Low-Tier or Sub-Neutral ranks that are open.

Rank Name: Outcast (Omega)
Tag: tO
Limit: Unlimited
Outcasts are the lowest ranking members of the pack, and the title is only given in the event the member has broken a law, caught fraternizing with the enemy, were children of omegas, or is a bastard-child. They are to be treated with contempt and dislike, and are kept as almost prisoners in their Settlements. An outcast may stay that way for a week or for the rest of their lives, depending on the punishment given.

[center]No Ranks (Rankless Titles)

[left]Rank Name: Offspring (Pup)
Tag: Prince/Princess (King/queen pups), tBP II (Pup of Duke/Duchess), tBP III (Pup of Marquis/Marquise), tBP IV (Any pups of Sub-High to Sub-Neutral), tBP O (Any pups of Omegas or Maid/Butler)
Limit: None
Offspring are the future of the pack and are to be treated with the highest of love and respect. Whether they are the pups of Royalty or the pups of an Omega, all pups are to be protected and loved as if they were your own. Except in the event a mother is a Maid or an Omega, a pup will take on the rank of the highest ranking member of their parents. However, only if the mother is an Omega or Maid will a pup take on her rank, both in puphood and once they are given their ranks. Pups may not leave their settlements without the escort of their parents.

Rank Name: Sage (Elder)
Tag: pBq
Limit: None
Sages are wolves 9 years and older who have served their time nobly in the pack, but are now too old to carry out the daily activities required. Sages are to be treated with the highest respect and honor, and even the King and Queen will bow down to them. Sages may also be asked for advice in certain situations due their experiences, and are still considered an important aspect for the pack's survival.

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Official Rank Information
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