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 Website, OOC, and Other Rules

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PostSubject: Website, OOC, and Other Rules   Thu Jun 23, 2016 1:35 pm

OOC Rules
Unless you are a neutral tier or above, you cannot leave your Settlement without expressed permission from the highest ranking member online at the time. If you are the highest ranking member, then you may wander.
▶ Please respect everyone in this group. You can have bad blood with members, but please don't drag the whole group in on the drama.
▶ Please be patient with the moderators. A lot, if not all of us, are volunteer MODs and we have lives beyond the game like families, friends, school, work, etc. We may not be able to answer a question or solve issues right off the bat, so if we don't get to an issue for more than 2 weeks, please send a polite message to one of us as a reminder!
▶ Just because you have achieved a high/sub-high rank does not mean you have direct authority over the pack. ICly, they make some calls, but most must be approved by the site Moderators. We control what happens!
▶ Characters must be realistic and cannot enter the pack with any accessories. Accessories can be bought with Bones (see: Bones forum)
▶ Swearing on the site and in-game OOCly is fine, however, we expect you to not being cussing and swearing every five minutes and using extremely offensive terms... It's just not classy or adult-like.
▶ Because this roleplay may contain adult themes, all applying members must be over the age of 14. We are doing this so we don't get complaints from the FH Mods and for your own sake. If you are found out to below 14, we will have no choice but to kick you, no matter how loyal you are/were.
Please do not let the game consume you. Many people have claimed FH can be extremely addicting and will obsess over it. Being active for us is popping on an hour or two every other day at most. Go outside, walk your dog, hang with your friends; you don't need to sit inside on a laptop obsessing over pixelated wolves. If it comes to the Mods attention that you are spending too much time in game, we will send you a message with our expressed concern for your well-being and will warn you that if you don't take a break, you will be kicked. If you fail to comply, we will kick you and you will be banned from rejoining. This applies to everyone, including people who hold high ranks. No. Exceptions.
If you have an issue with a member and would like to block them, please tell the Mods and explain why. We will only allow this in extreme cases, however, and if someone if harassing you they will most likely be kicked.
There will be no OOCly harassing people who are outside the pack.
▶ We will usually allow rejoinings if you were once in the group and left. However, if you left because of inactivity, it will hurt your chances. Leaving voluntarily will almost always ensures you can return. If you have been kicked because of breaking any rules, you will be barred from every returning.

Website Rules
If you are submitting art to the art board and are using a base, doll-maker, or someone else's art (the last one with permission), please link to the original submission and create a disclaimer!
▶ Tracing and stealing art is prohibited. If you are using a reference image for poses, please send a link (or links) to the original images.
▶ We do run activity checks not only based on FH but on-site as well. Because you can roleplay on-site, we will only boot for inactivity if all your characters have gone quiet for more than a month without posting in the Absences forum.
▶ If you yourself are active, but one of your characters is not, then that character will be kicked.
▶ Mods' word is law on site. They make all the calls about which direction the group goes.
▶ Please post everything in their respective boards.
All characters are required to have a character bio, reference sheet, and Bones tracker before they have been in the group for 6 months. If they don't the character will immediately be kicked.
▶ Please use they layouts given for Bones trackers, character bios, and reference sheets.
▶ Only moderators can accept members!

Enemies and Allies Rules
▶ Any strange character(s) that enter the perimeter of any Settlement is to be treated with friendly suspicion. A guard of any rank may approach (after being trained) to ask their intentions and if they need assistance, and if not to leave them be. If the stranger(s) prove to be hostile, call for backup and chase them out. This is only to be done if the character attacks FIRST
▶ If a person is simply trying to be a jerk and egg you on OOCly, then they are to be blocked.
▶ Most, if not all of our Enemies will OOCly be our friends, or at the very least neutral. We don't want our emotions as players to influence our characters actions, and all terms of the agreement to be Enemies will be discussed with leaders of the other pack/clan/pride and our MODs and are to be followed.
Individual enemies will be characters who ICly attacked, but are friendly/neutral OOCly. They may also be pack members who have been selected/volunteered to be a character that drives the plot, and all members will be notified if they are.
▶ We will only kill if the enemy has the intention to kill your character. If the character is obviously just trying to pick a fight with no intent to kill, you should do the same. In the event of a battle with multiple enemies, you are to disregard that rule and fight with the intent to kill.
▶ If you would like to make an out-of-pack "enemy", please contact a Mod!

Roleplaying Rules
We always use paragraph style 3rd person roleplay. Short responses may be used too, but only when a lengthy reply isn't needed. Try to aim for 2 to 3 sentences at the minimum.
▶ Roleplaying can either be done in game or on site, but we recommend a combination of the two.
▶ God-modding, power-playing, and One-hit KO's are not allowed.
▶ Do not include humans or human-related influences. The world of FH is pretty far from any humans, so it is very unlikely anyone would even know what a human is.
▶ We will have a very limited number of out-of-pack born/orphaned pups entering the pack. We will allow one or two every month, but that will be it. Wolves over 6 months can join.
▶ Major plots that will not directly affect the pack, but a large number of characters must gain admin approval. These plots will include large events like in-pack murder, rape, kidnapping, holding a member hostage, large-scale death, a plague, extreme violation of the Code of Honor, attempting a coup, etc and will need a solid reason as to why you and multiple other characters would like to get involved in it.

Character Rules
▶ Characters by default are realistic. That means no insane colors, markings, etc.
▶ Characters must have realistic colors. These can range anywhere from grays, gray-blues, golden, russet, cream, peach, and so much more. These must be colors that can easily be found in nature!
▶ Eye color can be anything except purple or two toned, which are Capped Traits and can be located in the "Capped Traits" post in this forum.
▶ Manes are permitted, but like the fur colors must be realistically colored. The only way they can be unrealistically colored is if the purchasable item "Body Paint" is used to dye it temporarily.
▶ Only wolves/canines of the approved species are permitted. Do not ask for your "original species" or species not put on the list to be added. We will make no exceptions.
▶ Characters cannot be fan-based off a character from a book, movie, TV show, etc. They must be original and of your own creation!
▶ Rare mutations such as, but not limited to purple eyes, two-toned eyes, albinism, are Capped Traits and can be located in the "Capped Traits" post in this forum. These traits are mutations that can be naturally found in real wolves in the wild, and we will not add any more unless scientific evidence has shown that a new mutation actually exists!
▶ Aging is as follows: One Month IRL Time = 6 months FH Time, Two Months IRL IRL Time = 1 year FH Time.
▶ All members are allowed at the maximum 4 characters. There must be a gap of 3 months at the minimum to apply for a new character. If a character of yours is exiled/leaves the pack/dies, you must wait an additional month to create a new character.

Pups and Mates Rules
All characters except Recruits are allowed to have mates.
▶ A character must be at least 1.5 years old and/or has been in pack actively for 2 months to have a Mod approved mate.
▶ Out of pack mates are allowed so long as the leaders of the other pack and the Mods approved.
▶ While ICly it may not be approved and will have severe consequences, you are allowed to be mates with a Mod approved enemy pack/enemy as long as both packs' Mod staff approved. But, if your character is discovered ICly, there can be major consequences like demotion of rank, exile, being shunned by the pack, or even killed.
Pups are allowed to a couple as long as they have been mates for one month OOCly at the minimum.
▶ A pup's litter size and gender ratio is determined by the mods. A formal application will be submitted which will include if you will be using any items bought in the Admin Store. The rolling will be done like so (without the intervention of items):
A number will be rolled on a "six-sided die". The first number selected will be the number of pups with one at the minimum and six at the maximum. A second rolling will be conducted between 1 and the number of pups in the litter. A second number will be selected and will be the number of females in the litter, because ladies first. The second number from the first number will be subtracted and will determine the number of male pups in the litter.
ex. A couple rolls for a litter without the intervention of items. The first number rolled is a 5, meaning 5 pups will be in the litter. A second rolling is done, and a 3 comes up, meaning there are 3 females in the litter. Subtract 3 from 5 and you get 2. That means that in total there are 5 pups in the litter with 3 females and 2 males.
▶ If you are unsatisfied with your litter, you can opt to buy a "Litter Re-Roll" in the Admin Store. You can only have one reroll per litter, and you cannot use the previous roll if you are unhappy with your first roll.
▶ Pregnancy lasts for 2 weeks, or approx. 3 months in FH time. The time between conception and birth is the day the rolling occurred.
▶ You are expected to find roleplayers for your pups the day before the birth; they can be anyone from in the pack, one of the people who play the parents, or an outside person (if they are not a member, they must apply through the site). In the event a person hasn't been found to play a character in time, the character will be considered stillborn.
Parents have final say in what the design of their pups are.
▶ By applying/agreeing to be a pup, you are agreeing to at least keep the character alive and active for 2 months IRL. At least let the parents enjoy having a pup.
▶ In the event that an omega or servant mother gives birth to pup(s), their offspring will take on the rank of their mother and will have to work their way out of the rank. A father being an omega or servant has no effect on the pup's rank.
▶ If a pup is sired/damed by a member of a rival pack and discovered ICly, they will either be killed, exiled, or be made a servant or omega.
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Website, OOC, and Other Rules
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