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 The Bishopric Code of Honor

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PostSubject: The Bishopric Code of Honor   Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:15 pm

(Please note: These rules apply only in character! Some of these rules contradict the OOC rules, which will be explained on the "Website and OOC Rules" blog entry that can be found in this forum. If you are new, you are required to read both of these posts!)

By the order of our ruling Gods, you, the loyal servant, soldier, and life force of the Bishopric Empire are bound by our Code of Honor. The code is set to protect our homes, livelihoods, and families, and is to be respected and followed without fault. Any willful breaking of this code is breaking the laws not only set by the royalty, but our watchful Gods and will be dealt with harshly and without mercy...

Respect those ranking above you and set an example for those below you.

The well-being of the Empire becomes first, your earthly treasures all come second.

In times of war and bloodshed, you will be expected to put your physical self on the line to protect everything we stand for. Mutiny and cowardice will not be tolerated.

Only kill enough prey to feed the pack. They are living beings too, and must be treated with the highest respect.

The murder of another citizens is the highest crime possible and will be dealt with in a swift, immediate demise.

Fraternizing with those against the pack will not be tolerated.

Pups, mothers with pups, and the elderly are to be fed first above all others.

Disobeying the orders of the royalty will result in exile or death, whatever the King and Queen see fit
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The Bishopric Code of Honor
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